Egyptian Slots


There has always been one kind of theme that has been integrated into the world of online gambling, where players can enter a historical moment in our world that represents money and wealth. The Egyptian era is one of the most iconic times of history. It can help create unique worlds for slot machine online, whether it’s the queen Cleopatra granting you heaps of her gold or entering the luxurious pyramids to discover unknown treasures. There are thousands of scenarios to be explored that can make great casino games even better. From culture to powerful rulers, ancient Egypt’s elements are brought directly to your living room with Egyptian slots.

What Is So Special about Egypt Themed Slots?

Ancient Egypt is one of the three major countries that inspired many of the first gambling machines, the others being ancient China and ancient Greece. Senet is an ancient Egyptian board game considered to be one of the oldest. With gambling being so integrated into Egypt’s history, it is only natural that it would become a primary theme to be used in the gambling games of the modern era. Many of which appear in the popular slot games that make up a large majority of the gaming portfolios. Depending on the provider’s level of detail, an Egyptian slot game can delve deep into the aesthetic of the times, creating magnificent temples and terrifying tombs to explore.

There are different aspects of Egyptian mythology used in slot games, creating a variety of different looks and themes to be used. This makes it diverse for software providers to take advantage of. Thus, there will be many companies that will put in the effort to create graphically gorgeous games. This makes them the most eye-catching as attributes to why they are so popular with players. You can almost always expect high-quality with this theme because since so many have been made, there will be competition to see who can make the most attractive Egypt slot in the industry.

Most Popular Egypt Slots

As mentioned before, Egypt slots are trendy in the market. Therefore, there are hundreds of Egyptian themed games on offer. Here are a few examples of some top-tier Egypt games for you to play from an assessment, providing both gameplay and visual spectacle. These explore different aspects of the theme and bring in the diversity that many people want from an old and excessive platform.

Eye of Horus Slot Online Gameplay

Eye of Horus Slot Online Gameplay

  1. Eye of Horus. A traditional Egyptian themed slot that invites you to explore the treasures of a forgotten temple. Enter the deepest parts of the ruin as you come across the statue of Horus, God of the Sky. Here you have to land combinations to appease the statue to be given access to his most fabulous treasures. The statue of Horus can have the power to take up an entire reel and acts as the Wild. This means that it can grant you more chances of winning than from a Wild that will take up a single space. Unlock free spins by landing the temple Scatters to keep you exploring in the ruin.
  2. Book of Ra. Play as the famed explorer as you venture to the desecrated temples of Ancient Egypt. Here, the famed adventurer has to solve the reels’ puzzles and reveal a path towards the best treasure imaginable. Utilize all kinds of artifacts to make the best path towards the prizes. Open up the legendary Book of Ra, and you can use its powerful magic to grant the big jackpot. This can also unlock free games for you to use to continue to spin and get more combinations. Find the extra symbols during the free games to get more significant rewards.
  3. Pharaoh’s Fortune. Have you ever dreamt of visiting the great Pharaoh but wanted to have a relaxed time while doing it? Pharaoh’s Fortune is about the cool, shade-wearing ruler of the great lands of Egypt. He has got tons of money to share but will only hand it over to the biggest winners. Play the slot game to land some wacky symbols, and you can get some cool-looking prizes. Land the crazier symbols, and you can unlock the extraordinary powers of the Pharaoh. If you land the game’s logo, you can use that as a Wild to substitute all other symbols.
  4. Crown of EgyptThis 5×5 video slot game revels in the wealth and power that holds over Egyptian rulers. Whoever wears the Crown of Egypt can hold onto the greatest treasure of them all. Land the statues of many Egyptian gods to earn more significant rewards. If you land the famed Cleopatra herself, you can use her power to grant you access to the jackpots. Since this slot is 5×5, that means you can score on even more paylines and have more winning chances. It is a high-risk, high-reward slot that will keep your eyes on the shiny crown.
  5. CleopatraFrom IGT, Cleopatra is one of the most famous Egyptian themed slots as it houses the amazing queen herself. Based on her stunning beauty and powerful treasury, you can spin the reels to please her as much as you desire. Land the correct symbols, and you can score yourself a phenomenal prize that will open her emerald eyes. The queen has many artifacts for you to take advantage of. Some of them can grant both Wild and Scatter bonus features. It’s up to you to see which can grant you more favor with the great queen, Cleopatra.

Online Slots about Cleopatra

You may have noticed that many of these Egyptian slots are based around the great Queen Cleopatra. This is because she is considered one of the most popular and well-known rulers in Egyptian history. The closest being Tutankhamun, who was another ruler that was related to that time. Cleopatra was beautiful, powerful, and a pure being of pleasure. And those looking for pleasure and fun can find her in many Egyptian slot machines.

She will often be used mostly as a mascot, either as a background character for another aspect that takes center stage or as a centerpiece. Games like Book of Ra and Crown of Egypt have Cleopatra but do not have it about her entirely. On the other hand, she is the main character for many well-known slots in the industry. Cleopatra is one of them, but you can also find games called Cleopatra Rising, Legend of Cleopatra, and Cleopatra Gold. Many others contribute towards her name and are given the details and attention the queen herself demands.

What Are the Popular Ancient Egypt Slot Themes?

As mentioned earlier, there are many kinds of elements and fields explored in Ancient Egypt. Many can create some spectacular works of art and magnificent backdrops for popular casino games. Here are some of the best examples:

  1. Temples. Egypt is packed to the brim with many kinds of temples and ruins used to be the height of Egyptian power. Some areas are enormous as the buildings of the modern, perhaps even more extensive. Many of their hallways and rooms are covered head-to-toe in hieroglyphics. Symbols can use this language to create decorative patterns that follow the entire reels. These hieroglyphs can even be used as the symbols themselves, making some combinations, even more stories that can be told. There is a lot of unique design choices for temples to create all sorts of backgrounds.
  2. Pyramids/Tombs. Another famous landmark of Egypt is, of course, the pyramids. The pyramids are said to be one of the seven wonders of the world. No one knows how they were truly made to this day, with some even stating that aliens even built them. Regardless, they served primarily as the tombs for famed rulers of the country. These tombs can open up all sorts of mystical powers that can be used as an excellent narrative for a slot machine. Whether it’s exploring the tomb itself or climbing up the top of the pyramid, there can be many scenarios to choose from.
  3. The Gods. The Egyptian pantheon is an incredible opportunity to create magical stories for slot games. There are many gods to choose from, with some of them appearing in many forms of narrative, such as movies and TV shows. The range varies from the sun’s god, Ra, to the god of the underworld, Anubis. There are so many gods to choose from, and you can use their powers to create whimsical adventures for the players. The most popular gods would be Ra, Horus, and Anubis, but others can select from, such as Bastet, Set, and Khonsu.
  4. Location. Sometimes the slot game doesn’t have to be based on anything magical or something from royalty. Sometimes the mere country itself can provide some enchanting backdrops that can be setups for the slot itself. For example, another popular location is the River Nile, one of the world’s longest rivers. You can also use up the Sphynx, another type of statue built in the ruins of Ancient Egypt. Deserts and palm trees can add a splash of color to the background as well.
Egyptian Slots Symbols

Egyptian Slots Symbols

Where to Find and Play Egyptian Slots?

Egyptian slots can’t be hard to find, considering many software providers have made games with this theme. If you wish to find Egyptian themed slots specifically, there are ways to track them down, one of which is to find a software provider that has specialized in this theme for many years. Providers such as Wazdan and Pragmatic Play have produced many popular titles in that country and its history. Gamblers can search power of Gods, Scarab Queen, Age of Egypt, and many others directly on their websites. You can even find free Egyptian slots to play on while you are there.

Another is to find an online casino that is based on this theme entirely. These casinos deliver Egypt themed slots exclusively to these casinos to match up with the theme and deliver what they promise to customers.


Nowadays, the variety of slot themes has expanded, thanks to the increase in technology like mobile and online slots. However, there is something magical and classic about the world of ancient Egypt. The world of online gambling machines has been associated with the jewels and outfits worn by the pharaohs, the temples’ sophisticated design, the awe-inspiring power of the gods. Egypt symbolizes wealth and opportunity for more than other countries. It encompasses that touch of royalty that we all wish we could harness. That is why it shall always remain as the trend that represents what gambling is all about. To touch the power of wealth and money through luck and magic, you can always play Egypt-themed slots. On the technical side, many Egypt slots have high RTP and high volatility.


Where can I find online slots based on Egypt?

Try popular software providers that promote them in their portfolios or go to Egypt-themed online casinos. You can find free slots from here, too, as well as real money functions.

What are the most popular gods to use in Egypt slots?

The sun god, Horus, the sky god, and Anubis, the underworld god, is the most recognizable of the pantheon.

What is the most popular Egypt slot out there?

Currently, the Book of Ra and Eye of Horus has remained the industry’s most iconic works.

What is the best slot based on Cleopatra?

Cleopatra by IGT is the most popular as it stars her and her name alone.

Can I play Egypt-themed slots for free?

Yes, many software developers provide these games in free and real money versions.

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